Forthcoming Special Issues

28 August 2022

Enzymatic and microbial processes for biorefinery applications

We are welcoming manuscripts that deal with lignocellulosic, algal, and waste-stream feedstock, among others. The focus should be on enzymatic and microbial aspects of biorefinery processes. Original research papers will be preferred. However, expert authors with strong track records in Biorefineries may submit a proposal for a review paper, which will be assessed by the Editors. A maximum of two review papers will be included in the special issue.

Special issue information:

In a biorefinery, the biomass feedstock is utilized to produce multiple products, while minimizing the environmental impact. Biorefineries are an important step toward circular economy, which aims to minimize the overall environmental impact of human activities.

In this special issue, we will welcome three categories of contributions:

  1. Fundamental studies on enzyme improvement for biorefinery applications
  2. Characterization of novel microbial strains that can significantly improve the efficiency of current biorefineries
  3. Innovative chemical process design that combines enzymatic and microbial operations in a biorefinery context

Manuscript submission information:

You can submit the manuscript at the following link.


Circular economy, Microalgae, Lignocellulose, Industrial Waste-Streams biorefinery, Enzymes for biorefineries, Strain development, Chemical Process design

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