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28 August 2022

Call for Paper on Special Issue –Solitons and coherent structures in optics: 50th anniversary of the prediction of optical solitons in fiber

Nonlinear optics based on the Kerr effect is a continuously developing and expanding field, due to its wide range of potential applications covering both the temporal, spectral, polarization and spatial properties of light. A major event to commemorate in 2023 is the numerical prediction of the existence of solitary waves or solitons in optical fibers made by Hasegawa and Tappert 50 years ago. Since then, progress in the study of optical solitons has been continuous and the concept of soliton has been extended to various optical waveguide devices and systems such as passive coherently driven cavities and fiber lasers.

Optics Communications invites submission of manuscripts on the study of nonlinear coherent structures in optical waveguiding media that exploit Kerr nonlinearity in the pulse formation process. The purpose of this special issue is to provide an overview of recent and ongoing progress and trends in advancing the knowledge, understanding, and novel applications of optical solitons and other related nonlinear waves. Theoretical and experimental reports or discussions are welcome. Topical areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Solitons in fiber or photonic waveguides
  • Temporal and/or spatial solitons, light bullets
  • Nonlinear coherent structures
  • Supercontinuum generation, rogue waves, breathers
  • Ultrafast lasers, power scaling
  • Nonlinear Fourier transform
  • Dissipative and cavity solitons
  • Solitons in multidimensional structures (multimode fibers, domain walls)
  • Self-similar structures
  • Frequency combs, frequency conversion
  • Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou recurrence

Guest editors:

Sonia Boscolo, Aston University, United-Kingdom

John M. Dudley, University of Franche-Comté, FranceChristophe Finot, University of Burgundy, France

Manuscript submission information:

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is Feb 28, 2023.

Publication of the issue is scheduled for June 2023.

Manuscripts should be submitted using the online submission system of the journal at Authors should select article type ‘VSI: 50 years of solitons in fiber’ during the submission. The author guidance could be found at

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