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Volume 607

30 September 2022

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 121054
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  1. Review Article

    1. Thermochemical sulfate reduction in sedimentary basins and beyond: A review

      Article 121018
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  2. Research Papers

    1. Estimation of Atlantic Water transit times in East Greenland fjords using a 233U-236U tracer approach

      Article 121007
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    2. Climatic and environmental changes in the Baidunzi wetland, Northwest China, over the last 800 years inferred from glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers

      Article 121005
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    3. Rapid, paced metamorphism of blueschists (Syros, Greece) from laser-based zoned Lu-Hf garnet chronology and LA-ICPMS trace element mapping

      Article 121003
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    4. A shift of mantle sources for the post-collisional lavas and tectonic links with synchronous deformation in the SE Tibetan Plateau

      Article 121009
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    5. Revisiting 228Th as a tool for determining sedimentation and mass accumulation rates

      Article 121006
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    6. Identifying Tethys oceanic fingerprint in post-collisional potassium-rich lavas in Tibet using thallium isotopes

      Article 121013
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    7. On the origin of 3-methyl steroids and diasteranes

      Article 121014
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    8. Secular compositional changes in hydrated mantle: The record of arc-type basalts

      Article 121010
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    9. Role of mineralogical, structural and hydrodynamic rock properties in conduits formation in three distinct carbonate rock types

      Article 121008
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    10. Alteration and mineralization patterns in orogenic gold deposits: Constraints from deposit observation and thermodynamic modeling

      Article 121012
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    11. A detailed and comprehensive TEM, EPMA and Raman characterization of high-metamorphic grade monazites and their U-Th-Pb systematics (the Góry Sowie Block, SW Poland)

      Article 121015
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    12. 230Th dating of gypsum from lacustrine, brackish-marine and terrestrial environments

      Article 121019
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    13. Vesuvianite: A potential U-Pb geochronometer for skarn mineralization---a case study of tungsten and tin deposits in South China

      Article 121017
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    14. A general ore formation model for metasediment-hosted Sb-(Au-W) mineralization of the Woxi and Banxi deposits in South China

      Article 121020
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    15. Oxidation of pyrite during barite extraction

      Article 121011
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    16. Effect of kinetics, pH, aqueous speciation and presence of ferrihydrite on vanadium (V) uptake by allophanic and smectitic clays

      Article 121022
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  3. Erratum

    1. Erratum to “Geochemical insights into the relationship of rock varnish and adjacent mineral dust fractions” [Chemical Geology 551 (2020) 119775]

      Article 121021
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ISSN: 0009-2541