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Volume 308

In progress (October 2022)

This issue is in progress but contains articles that are final and fully citable.
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  1. Research Papers

    1. Slip transition of rock fractures due to chemical corrosion

      Article 106801
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    2. Co-transport of less soluble accessory minerals during expansion of compacted bentonite and its impacts on erosion

      Article 106800
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    3. Energy transfer mechanisms in flow-like landslide processes in deep valleys

      Article 106798
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    4. An integrated approach for the reconstruction of rockfall scenarios from UAV and satellite-based data in the Sorrento Peninsula (southern Italy)

      Article 106795
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    5. Engineering properties of Norwegian peat for calculation of settlements

      Article 106799
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    6. Investigating fault zone hydraulic properties and groundwater potential in a fault-dominated aquifer system: A case study of the Dili fault in Central Taiwan

      Article 106805
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    7. Evaluation of the scale of fluctuation based on variance reduction method

      Article 106804
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    8. Effects of material migration on the spatial distribution of topsoil moisture at the slope scale

      Article 106820
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    9. Experimental research on progressive failure characteristics of water-immersed coal: Implications for hydraulic fracturing

      Article 106809
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    10. Effect of thermal ageing on physical properties of MX80 bentonite under high-temperature conditions

      Article 106822
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    11. Shear rate effect on the residual strength of saturated clayey and granular soils under low- to high-rate continuous shearing

      Article 106821
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    12. Kinematic-based landslide risk management for the Sichuan-Tibet Grid Interconnection Project (STGIP) in China

      Article 106823
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    13. Limit equilibrium method-based 3D slope stability analysis for wide area considering influence of rainfall

      Article 106808
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    14. Mechanical behavior and microstructural evolution of frozen soils under the combination of confining pressure and water content

      Article 106819
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    15. Description and prediction of stress-strain curve of loess

      Article 106827
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    16. Static elastic modulus of rocks predicted through regression models and Artificial Neural Network

      Article 106829
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    17. Analytical and numerical models of debris flow impact

      Article 106818
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    18. Diffusion migration behavior of gas in unsaturated fractured soils: Fractal analytical study

      Article 106831
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    19. Insight into spontaneous water-based working fluid imbibition on the dynamic tensile behavior of anisotropic shale

      Article 106830
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  2. Technical Note

    1. Development of a slope digital twin for predicting temporal variation of rainfall-induced slope instability using past slope performance records and monitoring data

      Article 106825
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  3. Article(s) from the Special Issue on Discrete fracture networks in geo-hydrology: advancements and practical applications; Edited by Corrado Fidelibus, William Dershowitz, Delphine Roubinet and Chaoshui Xu

    1. A 2D hybrid NMM-UPM method for waterflooding processes modelling considering reservoir fracturing

      Article 106810
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    2. Laminar and turbulent groundwater flows in confined two- and three-dimensional discrete fracture networks

      Article 106824
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  4. Article(s) from the Special Issue on Geohazards and Mitigation along the Sichuan-Tibet Railway; Edited by Peng Cui, Limin Zhang, Paul Tapponnier, Zhenhong Li, Manchao He and Wenping Gong

    1. Rockburst tendency prediction based on an integrating method of combination weighting and matter-element extension theory: A case study in the Bayu Tunnel of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway

      Article 106796
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    2. Numerical investigation of debris flows using a two-phase continuum model incorporating a visco-inertial rheology

      Article 106797
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    3. Three-dimensional stress rotation and control mechanism of deep tunneling incorporating generalized Zhang–Zhu strength-based forward analysis

      Article 106806
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    4. Spatial and temporal distribution of landslide-dammed lakes in Purlung Tsangpo

      Article 106802
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    5. Characterization of high and steep slopes and 3D rockfall statistical kinematic analysis for Kangyuqu area, China

      Article 106807
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    6. Vulnerability assessment for buildings exposed to torrential hazards at Sichuan-Tibet transportation corridor

      Article 106803
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ISSN: 0013-7952