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Volume 386

1 November 2022

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    1. Ed. Board

      Article 115190
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  1. Letters & Notes

    1. Nucleosynthetic zinc isotope anomalies reveal a dual origin of terrestrial volatiles

      Article 115171
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    2. Zinc isotope anomalies in primitive meteorites identify the outer solar system as an important source of Earth's volatile inventory

      Article 115172
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  2. Terrestrial Planets

    1. Trace element volatility and the conditions of liquid-vapor separation in the proto-lunar disk

      Article 115143
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    2. Formation age of lunar Lalande crater and its implications for the source region of the KREEP-rich meteorite Sayh al Uhaymir 169

      Article 115166
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    3. Analysis of boulders population around a young crater using very high resolution image of Orbiter High Resolution Camera (OHRC) on board Chandrayaan-2 mission

      Article 115168
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    4. The impact of turbulent vertical mixing in the Venus clouds on chemical tracers

      Article 115148
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  3. Mars

    1. Constraining the spectral behavior of the clay-bearing outcrops in Oxia Planum, the landing site for ExoMars “Rosalind Franklin” rover

      Article 115114
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    2. Late Amazonian dike-fed distributed volcanism in the Tharsis volcanic province on Mars

      Article 115151
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    3. Multiple sites of recent wet-based glaciation identified from eskers in western Tempe Terra, Mars

      Article 115147
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    4. Characterization of groundwater chemistry beneath Gale Crater on early Mars by hydrothermal experiments

      Article 115149
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    5. Using machine learning to reduce observational biases when detecting new impacts on Mars

      Article 115146
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    6. Numerical simulations of radar echoes rule out basal CO2 ice deposits at Ultimi Scopuli, Mars

      Article 115163
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    7. Reflectance study of ice and Mars soil simulant associations—II. CO2 and H2O ice

      Article 115116
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    8. The formation mechanisms for mid-latitude ice scarps on Mars

      Article 115174
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    9. Vertical distribution of water vapour for Martian northern hemisphere summer in Mars Year 28 from Mars Climate Sounder

      Article 115141
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    10. Calculation of dielectric constant, loss property and scattering characteristics from the future martian GPR data

      Article 115181
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    11. Martian gully activity and the gully sediment transport system

      Article 115133
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  4. Outer Planets & Their Satellites

    1. A machine-generated catalogue of Charon’s craters and implications for the Kuiper belt

      Article 115142
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    2. Frequency-dependent Ganymede’s tidal Love number k2 detection by JUICE’s 3GM experiment and implications for the subsurface ocean thickness

      Article 115150
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    3. Convective storms in closed cyclones in Jupiter: (II) numerical modeling

      Article 115169
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  5. Asteroids, Comets & TNOs

    1. Propagation and attenuation of pulses driven by low velocity normal impacts in granular media

      Article 115139
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    2. Dynamical classification of the asteroids in the Hungaria group II: The objects affected by the exterior mean-motion resonances 3:4, 5:7, 7:10 and 8:11 with Mars

      Article 115135
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    3. Meteoroid orbit determination from HPLA radar data

      Article 115144
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