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October 2022

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Journal of the International Association of GeoChemistry

Established in 1986, Applied Geochemistry is an impactful international journal aims to offer a dynamic venue for the global geochemical community to present and share original research, critical reviews, perspective and viewpoints, which have some practical applications or implications to human …

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Yuri Taran, ... Edith Cienfuegos
October 2022
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Zohreh Ghorbani, ... Neil R. Banerjee
October 2022
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Stefano Graziani, ... Sabina Bigi
October 2022
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Olesya Lazareva, ... Donald L. Sparks
October 2022
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Bimin Zhang, ... Binbin Sun
October 2022
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Andrew H. Manning, ... Katherine Walton-Day
October 2022
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Special issues and article collections

Special Issue on Insights into the geochemistry in Mexico and Latinoamerica from the Earth and Environmental Science

Edited by Thomas Kretzschmar, Jesús Roberto Vidal-Solano, Nadia Martínez-Villegas, Arturo Joaquín Barrón-Díaz
11 August 2022

Hydrobiogeochemistry of redox-sensitive components: A tribute to Zhaoli Shen

Edited by Yanxin Wang, Huaming Guo, David Polya, Zaihua Liu
15 February 2022