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Volume 229
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1 November 2022

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An International Journal on Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Technology of Clays and Clay Minerals

Applied Clay Science aims to be an international journal attracting high quality,novel scientific papers on clays and clay minerals, including research papers, reviews, and technical notes. The journal covers typical subjects of Fundamental and Applied Clay Science such as:

• Synthesis and …

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Dina Ewis, ... Muftah H. El-Naas
1 November 2022
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Yushen Wang, ... Long Xiao
1 November 2022
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Kai Wu, ... Hongxing Dai
1 November 2022
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Wei-ming Peng, ... Jie Yang
1 November 2022
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Ying Liu, ... Changli Lü
1 November 2022
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Penggang Pei, ... Yuebing Sun
1 November 2022
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Special issues and article collections

Selected Papers from the IV Brazilian Meeting on Applied Clays

Edited by Cesar Viseras, Fernando Wypych, Peng Yuan
28 April 2022

Thermophysical and Thermochemical Aspects of Clay Materials 2019

Edited by Giuseppe Lazzara, Peng Yuan, Andrei Rotaru
14 December 2021

Special Issue in Honor of Emilio Galan

Edited by Faiza Bergaya, Ray Ferrell, Patricia Aparicio, María Victoria Villar, Isabel Carretero, Peng Yuan
29 March 2021

Special Issue for EUROCLAY Conference (2019)

Edited by Peng Yuan, Faiza Bergaya, Vanessa Prévot, Pilar Aranda, Juraj Bujdak, Jean François Lambert, Antoine Thill, Christophe Tournassat, Josef Breu, Gabriela Carja, Isabelle Daniel, Patrick Davidson, Eric Ferrage, Claude Forano, Jeffery Greathouse, Chris Greenwell, Jihua Hao, Yusuke Ide, Jun Kawamata, Pascale Launois, Pierre Levitz, Nobuyoshi Miyamoto, Teruyuki Nakato, Jean-Charles Robinet, Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky, Lala Setti-Belaroui
19 October 2020