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Volume 235
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November 2022

About the journal

Acta Tropica, is an international journal on infectious diseases that covers public health sciences and biomedical research with particular emphasis on topics relevant to human and animal health in the tropics and the subtropics.

Its scope includes the biology of pathogens and vectors, …

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Juliana Rodrigues da Conceição, ... Jeanine Giarolla
November 2022
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Kathyleen Nogrado, ... Onrapak Reamtong
November 2022
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Haijun Hu, ... Weiqing Zheng
November 2022
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Nma Bida Alhaji, ... Mohammed Jibrin Salihu
November 2022
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Utsanee Supcharoengoon, ... Poom Adisakwattana
November 2022
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Nonsikelelo P. Mthethwa, ... Sheena Kumari
November 2022
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Special issues and article collections

Emerging parasites and vectors in a rapidly changing world: from ecology to management

Edited by Giovanni Benelli, Domenico Otranto, Marcos Antonio Bezerra-Santos, Emilie Bouhsira, Filipe Dantas-Torres, Timothy Gary
22 August 2022

The Fate of Neglected Zoonotic Diseases

Edited by Maria V. Johansen, Pierre Dorny, Sue Welburn
9 August 2022

Towards the elimination of dog rabies in West - and Central Africa

Edited by Jakob Zinsstag, Monique Lechenne, Abdallah Traoré, Bassirou bonfoh, Lisa Crump
12 April 2022

Acta Tropica: History and Prospects

Edited by Norbert Brattig, Juerg Utzinger, Marcel Tanner
22 February 2022